domingo, 4 de mayo de 2008

Days 6,7 and 8 of 21

Volví! Si bien seguí respetando mi tiempo diario para dibujar, no me fue tan fácil encontrar el tiempo para poder subir las imágenes al blog. No es la forma ideal, pero aquí va todo junto :

I'm back! I've been drawing daily, but it hasn't been easy to find the time to post the images in the blog. It's not the ideal way, but here it goes all together:



Creo que ya basta de deportes! Demasiado para mí ;)
I believe I've alredy had enough sport! Too much for me ;)

4 comentarios:

  1. You have been busy! :) I love the RUGBY drawing. Great job...

  2. Being a baseball fan I'm partial to your little slugger there, but these are all great. I like that character too.

  3. Great your style!

  4. Awesome! I love the 2 poses for the tennis one. Great action and gesture.